Sam Allardyce is a Disgrace, but the Reaction is Worse

Entrapment has won” Sam Allardyce told the cameras on the doorstep of his luxury home. He then said he planned an extensive holiday abroad to get over the terrible news. It must be tough hearing about your grubby misdemeanours, especially when you have been caught.

That’s not everyone’s opinion, today’s multimillion pound climate leads many into temptation according to ex-Newcastle man and another failed England boss.

Steve McClaren had this to say: “It’s been a hugely disappointing couple of days for English football. And I’m very sad for what has happened to Sam Allardyce. It could happen to any of us in high profile sports position […] Sam innocently paid the price”

Here’s BBC regular Ian Wright expressing his outrage: “I’m gutted for him, simply because it’s taken him such a long time to get this dream job.”

“I respected him before and that isn’t going to change” the esteemed Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho stated.

Jesus, guys, hasn’t he had enough now?

Sam Allardyce was caught out (or set up if you like) by investigatory reporters from the Telegraph acting as foreign investors who probed a 10 month operation into football corruption.

He was caught on secret film giving advice on how to get around third-party player ownership rules and in exchange he was proposed a juicy £400,000 – an amount which works out as just under a sixth of the whopping £3,000,000 sum he received as England manager.

What is most strange about his whole ‘Football for Sale’ drama is just how pundits in the media have reacted. You would have thought, considering highly paid, respectable, current managers in English football were exposed to taking part in under the table deals, they might have condemned them for it, even more inconceivably, they might have at least tried to seem shocked.

Instead, what we get is a bunch of TV pundits showing remorse that the “victims” got caught. A disapproving shake the head rather than fuelled rage and complete disgust. The notion that Sam Allardyce could be a conniving, greedy and calculating crook is beyond them.  Rather, they speak of him more as clumsy character out of a Beano magazine who comically tripped over a banana skin in front of the classroom.

It is hard to imagine that the only people in football who behave as Allardyce did are the people who have been caught. I fear this goes much deeper and could well be stained within the cultural fabric of English football.

But, it looks like the media have moved on already.  More talk about Wayne Rooney’s England role please guys, you haven’t quite ran that one completely into the ground. How about Rooney as a rush-goalie – have you explored that angle?

There is plenty wrong with the FA but when Sam Allardyce chose to accept illicit payments, it was not out of protest of them. This was the association that gave him the chance to work at his dream job – picture him as a budding 18-year-old girl singer gobbled up by X-Factor and Simon Cowell, if that is at all possible.

So please feel no sympathy with this cretin for losing his multi-million pound salary. It’s not like he is short of cash either, considering he is able to fly off to Big Sam’s Villa at a day’s notice.

By Jacque Talbot

[Original Publication]


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